How to Get Referrals

How to Get Referrals

Referrals Let me start by asking you a question.Do you ask your patients for referrals?

If you said yes, then I’m happy to hear that. Are you happy with the amount you’re getting?

If you don’t ask your patients for referrals, that’s ok. But you’re missing out on a large number of potential patients.

You see, by just letting your patients refer as opposed to asking for referrals, you’re not going to get as many as you would like, even if you’re the No. 1 chiropractor on Planet Earth.

The reason is, everyone knows someone that could use some help, they just may not realize it.
So for those that do ask for referrals, you too can increase the amount of patients being referred into your office, if you perform the proper steps.

The key to getting more referrals is helping your patients understand that they know someone that could use your help.

And with Mechanical Motion Therapy, chiropractors no longer have to take referrals that are having spine-related trouble or headaches. MMT allows you to treat all areas of the body and provide tremendous results to all of your patients.

As previously stated, there is a key to getting a patient to refer someone they know.

Referrals First, you need to make sure that the patient you’re asking is a good patient and improving with your treatment. This opens them you up to more referrals because the person you’re asking knows that you can provide results.

The next thing you need to do is to treat the patient just as you would any other day, and make sure they are receiving their full treatment.

Once the treatment is complete, take a few moments and sit with the patient and talk to them.
Ask them how the treatments are going and how they are feeling.
Then you provide them with a more in depth education about chiropractic and how you can treat a lot more than just the spine and headaches.

From here, explain to them that you’re in the business of helping people and you want people to know that you’re there for them – you want to help as many people feel better and function higher as possible.
Then comes the big question: “Who do you know that has been having trouble with pain?”

Referrals Give them a few minutes to think about it, and then give them a few hints:

Does someone in your family deal with pain? What about at work? Anyone you golf or bowl with? What about on Facebook?

Then give them a moment, and you’re more than likely going to get a name.
Be sure that when you get the name, you write it down and get as much information as possible, especially a phone number. I use a potential-patient tracking form so that as we begin to make calls, we have all of their information available and a record of our conversations.

I suggest that you plan 2 days a month that you can dedicate to getting referrals. I call these days “Gift of Health” days, and they can provide more referrals than you ever thought possible, if done correctly.
Once you get a potential patient’s information, then follow it up with some of your marketing materials and some personal calls to learn more about their symptoms and how you can help them.

Be patient, as it may take 8 or 9 calls to get the referral in your door. But when you do, they are already pre-disposed and ready for treatment. This will ensure that not only that they come into the office, but that they will continue to come in and complete their treatment plan. Remember that all of your contacts with this potential patient should be tracked in the potential-patient tracking form.

I understand this is just a brief overview, but this information should give you enough of a base to begin the process of having your patients refer you new patients.

To get more in depth education on this topic, I encourage you to visit and go to the events page and join me for one of our one-day events where we will cover this topic and many others in much much more detail, as well as introduce you to Mechanical Motion Therapy.

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